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 an extensive range of products
expert consulting & advice

great value - top quality at great rates

fast delivery (usually tow workdays - domestic within Germany) 


Clinics, Sanatorium and Wellness Facilities

For more than 25 years we deliver clinically approved quality.

Your benefits are a great value at low rates quick delivery
and expert advice.

Please ask for our special tariff.

Our top products sold most are:

Bath & Shower gels 

Massage  Oils & Products

Skin care products

Sauna fragrances

Herbal Oil Baths

Transmission Gel 


"Third-Party Manufacturing"

You have got an idea, a recipe, a bulk product and you are looking for someone who can conceptualize, produce and package it – We are your full-service provider!


Please contact us!

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Quality control


Full service 

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Merchandising, Marketing, Give-Aways and Gifts

Our creative promotional materials will make your advertising campaign a success. Let your customers know how serious you are about customer care.
Ask for proposals on promotional material that reach your customer target group.

>>> Gifts that will stand out clearly 
       in the memory of your customers.

Smart materials to make your business life easier:
Use classy “door-openers” to acquire new clients
To remind clients of your business
Show your clients how much you appreciate them 
    and retain their business