Personal information collection

We use personal information only to administer orders and for your convenience when ordering products on our website. That is, we only collect and record information required for handling and delivering an order. We strictly observe all relevant statutory requirements. Personal information will only be made known to associated enterprises. 

Cookies and data interchange

We do not issue cookies to administer an order.

What we use is Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to interchange information. This is a secure and well-accepted transfer system to protect personal information from misuse and abuse. SSL encrypts any information before it is sent on to us. As SSL encodes personal information such as name, address or bank account it makes them indecipherable. This protects data from being accessed in the internet by unauthorized persons. Current browsers support this transfer technology.

Will abamed use your personal information otherwise in the future?

abamed does not reveal any personal information to third parties unless this has been authorized by you before.