Expert Advice

Amongst others, we provide expert advice for:

Formula develoment

Every single day we rise to the challenge of new product developments. We invite you to submit us your definition of your planned project.

If you would like to use an existing formula, we will study and evaluate your documentation and let you know our findings prior to commencing production.

Do you need a new formula for a planned project? We may well have handled a similar project before which would dramatically cut down the cost and time factor for developing a new formula for you as against to starting from scratch.


If you would like to improve the quality of an existing product, why not take advantage of our expertise gained in over twenty years’ business in the production industry?

Legal requirements

Legal requirements for putting cosmetic products on the market were stepped up drastically a few years ago when the 6th amendment to the EEC Council’s Cosmetics Directive came into effect. The requirements that a safe cosmetic product should fulfill are demanding and very difficult to handle without expert advice.

- Declaration of ingredients
- Documentation
- Toxicity test guidelines
- Preservative tests
- Report to the poison information centre

- just to name some of the requirements.


We have the expertise to ensure the products you wish to put on the EEC market meet these regulations.


Raw and packaging materials

Product attributes require the use of specific ingredients. If the product is to be claimed as having specific properties such as made of natural ingredients, contains no preservatives, is pH-neutral or free of fragrances, sourcing of suited materials may pose a problem.

Since we work closely with many of the leading suppliers of raw materials we are being kept up with new materials and market trends. These are your benefits: You will be informed of new trends at an early stage to edge on your competitors.

Choosing the appropriate packing materials is just as important. The contents of a product must be compatible with the material of its container. Take advantage of our long experience in this industry.

Our policy is to make sure our expertise is always consistent with the latest state of the art. In line with this practice and in the interest of our customers, we attend all important trade fairs of the packaging industry. We also maintain good business contacts with many of the leading companies in the industry to keep up with the latest developments and to maintain us qualified as your competent contact when it comes to issues of product packing.

Product claims and training

What product attributes are legally permissible? How can one stand out from ones competitors? We will be happy to share our expertise with you.

After the conceptual product design has been completed, your staff must learn and understand the unique selling points. We have the know-how and experience to prepare training material for you and instruct your sales people how to conduct successful sales talks.

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