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Raw materials and packaging solutions

Profit and cost savings are an equation one can not deny. Our services begin right there.


Are you looking for a particular raw material or you want to employ a special ingredient? We may find a product for you on a pre-emptive basis using our access to suppliers with a great value – price relationship


Storage Facilities

Our customers can benefit from our special storage facilities to hold all components required to manufacture their products. A hard wired security and fire protection system is a given. 


Storage levels of your materials are monitored by our computerized enterprise resource planning system. Real-time storage levels are available on the spot and ready for analysis or forensics

Shipping- Services

With our location very close to one of Germany’s most important motorway crossroads A8, swift shipping is guaranteed – either domestic or international.

Your goods will be packed professionally, all necessary papers prepared and billed accordingly. You may benefit from our discounts we enjoy from our shipping companies or complimentary tracking services.

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