Our technical capabilities comprise mainly the production and bottling/packaging of liquid and semi-liquid, low-viscosity products. Starting from our lab up to large size lots.

Moreover, very complicated emulsions can be produced (homogenizing, heating, cooling, production under vacuum conditions, etc.)

Production (Cosmetics-GMP)

Our production standards follow the EU-wide  Cosmetics-GMP. Our quality control is extensive and is fully documented with complete forensics of every single lot. Full process and end-control is ensuring consistent, high quality products.

Customized or Special Products

Built in 2004 and continuously upgraded, our production facilities are fully compliant with all actual hygiene standards and beyond.


At the same time our ventilation system has been improved further and is capable to a complete air exchange five-times an hour. Furthermore, all sections of our production are separated so that highly soluble products, e.g. nail-varnish remover, can be produced.


Please contact us for solutions to any of your special needs. 

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