Standard phrases

This is a list of our standard formulations repertoire. It is meant to give you an idea of our production capabilities. Other products can be developed at customer request.


Facial Care

Anti-aging skin creams
(for skin in the eye area)

Body Care

Antiperspirant roll-on products




Antiperspirant sticks


Hydrating masks


Antiperspirant creams


Skin protection creams


Antiperspirant spray


Lip care products


Bath & shower lotions


Make-up remover


Bathing gels


Cleansing emulsions


Bathing milks


Cleansing gels


Bathing additions


Cleansing lotions


Body gels


Cleansing oils


Deodorant creams




Deodorant sticks


Special effect creams


Deodorant roll-on products


Day & night creams


Deodorant spray


All-purpose creams


Shower gels


Wash creams


Feminine hygiene products




Body balms

Sun Care

After-sun balms


Body creams


Pre-sun lotions


Body lotions


Self tanning creams


Body milks


Self tanning lotions


Body caring oils


Sun oils


Bath oils


Sun protection gels


Body wash


Sun protection lotions




Sun protection milks

Hand Care

Hand creams




Hand lotions

Care for feet

Depilatory creams


Hand masks

and legs

Depilatory lotions


Nail creams


Caring gels for feet




Caring creams for feet


Cuticles remover


Caring lotions for feet


Nail caring oils


Spray for feet





Baby Care

Baby caring creams

Mens' Care

After-shave products


Baby caring lotions




Baby caring oils


Shaving creams


Baby shampoo


Shaving gels




Shaving foams

Fitness Products

Warming-up oils








Relaxion oils

Hair Care

Hair dressing creams




Hair balms


Massage creams


Hair gels


Massage oils


Hair conditioners


Sports balms


Hair oils


Sports creams


Hair treatments


Sports fluids


Hair shampoos


Sports sprays



Hair tonics





Two-in-one shampoo


Eau de Cologne




Eau de Perfume products




Eau de Toilettes

Dental Care



Perfume creams


Mouth wash products








Window cleansers

Animal Care


Bag balm


Floor cleansers

Milking grease products


All-purpose cleanser


Glauber's salt


Dish detergent




High pressure cleaner


Transmission cream


Vehicle cleansers


Transmission gel


Vehicle care products




Pool cleaning products

Insect Repellent

Insect-repellent cream


Special cleansers


Insect-repellent lotion




Insect-repellent oil




Insect-repellent spray




Insect-repellent stick