Our mission

abamed products were developed to fill a need in the marketplace for high quality cosmetics based on natural ingredients and traditional philosophies for skin care. Next to the fact that our needs undergo constant change, yet one has remained the same: the need for quality.


Many of the herbs included in our formulations, are potent herbs that are truly unique in their holistic yet balanced effect on your skin. They help to soothe, cleanse and enhance without damaging side effects.


abamed represents products focused on current and future customer needs, global awareness, preservation and support of the interdependence of all living things. By nurturing, protecting and respecting our planet, its natural resources and its inhabitants, we enrich our own lives and those of future generations.



Walter Nowak

Hansjörg Nowak

This medium-size enterprise, has been developed and managed with enormous commitment for more than twenty-five years by a father-son team.




Founded in Erbach, Germany, next to Ulm as bulk-wholesaler for medical goods with own production of pharmaceuticals. The initial line of services and good were the distribution of infusion-solutions, as well as manufacturing of camomile-extracts and a pine-needle application.


Acquired by Arnold & Bormann, the product range got broadened with cosmetics and marketed under the brand abamed - distributed to clinics, rehab-facilities, doctors and wholesalers.


Hansjörg Nowak, aware of the potential of the company, purchased abamed. With the support and “wisdom” of his father, his first innovation was the development of high-quality cosmetics based on natural ingredients. As a result abamed is offering a trendy product line of face- and bodycare products today.

At the same time, he starts to venture into developing, producing and bottling/packaging customized products on behalf of third parties, even big players. Next to further investments in very up-to-date production infrastructure, a huge step forward was done whilst acquiring know-how and developing new markets.


Following the build-up phase of the company, sales increased through intensified export activities. Particularly, the marketing of products in the U.S.A. under the brand abamed natural line marked a new era.


Revamp of the abamed vital product line. Increase in sales of own product lines. Extensive preparation work well done in advance to comply with the new 6. EU Code of Cosmetic-Manufacturing active from 30.06.1998.


Continuous growth requires to build new the production facilities opened in June 2004.



Our main focus will be to further serve our mission to provide innovative, high quality cosmetic products to the marketplace by:
● Expanding and further developing our existing 
    services and product range
● Increased efforts to make our products known to 
    more potential clients
●  Innovate and conceptualize product-concepts for new